Just interested to post messages about current topics for the reading of all.  Messages covering all topics current on the day of posting.  Most of them express my views.  It may be or may not be acceptable to all. But I pass my opinion.

Now the Budget presented by the FM received a mixed response. Some supported and praised it and some said it is very damaging.  It has been read out in the Parliament and open for discussion by the MPs. Everybody has his own view point and they make no secret of it. I too have my opinion which I will give.   For example reduction of income tax rate for the middle income group is quite welcome. It may not help savings as the FM claimed. It may help them to meet their day to day requirement of essentials when the price spiral is raising.  On some items excise duty is increased and on some other items it is reduced.  This is just jugglery of words and figures.  Let me watch how the general public is going to react to the provisions of the budget.