To reduce the traffic problems of the Kochi inmates, a metro rail was planned for a distance of 22 km from Aluva to the outskirts of Tripunithura. Mr.Sredharan the famous Metro designer who constructed Metros for Kolkuta, Delhi and other places was entrusted with this task. He was not to be subjected to delay in decisions, because he was a man of action. But our corrupt bureaucracy created unnecessary problems for designing, planning the Metro. DMRL was not prepared to take up construction of this project. Somebody suggested world tender because of the huge expenditure involved. Their out look was when a project of the total financial out lay of about Rs.5000 crores is going to be implemented if you cannot make at least 1% if kick back, then what is the need of the project.  But Sreedharan was a strict person and he took decision himself and never allowed bureaucrats or politicians near him. The work is going on. In many places they have put up barricades and reduced the width of the existing roads for putting up pillars. Before digging for laying the foundation for the Metro they tried their level best to search and find out old water pipe lines, electric cable lines, telephone lines etc. But they could not find any. And the work is going on to be completed on a fixed target. Let us see.