On December 16th night a 23 year old girl, a student of physiothery, returning from a cinema theater along with a male friend asked an autorikshaw to take them home. The auto driver refused and offered to take them upto a bus stop. They waited for a bus at the bus stand when a private bus came along and a boy was shouting from the door of the bus the of the place where the bus is going upto. The girl and the male escort were hesitant to board since the bus was empty and was dark. The boy beck end them and the duo finally boarded the bus. There were four other occupants besides the driver. When the male escort asked them where they propose to go. all of a sudden the other occupants turned violent and started to beat the male escort. When the girl reacted, they turned to her and caught hold of her and undressed her and started to molest her one by one. Trying to resist, the girl bit the hands of the driver and his friends while they molested her. They turned furious and they beat the male escort and the girl with iron rods on her abdomen and pierced her private parts. They tore away her clothes and threw her and her male escort from the running bus into the road. Injured and bleeding profusely, the boy and the girl were lying by the side of the road. Many passers by just looked at them and nobody took pity of them and reported the matter to the police.

Finally somebody called the police and the police came and took the boy and the girl to the Safdarjung Hospital and got them admitted.