They call this state, State of Kerala, God’s own country.  Situated in the southern most corner of the country, blessed with lot of greenery, very friendly and hospitable people who are all well educated, a stranger feels very much at home when he comes here. Most of the local people understand English, of course their own version of the language, but are communicative.  I think I will discuss more about this state in the coming posts, so that I may give a clear view of this place to a reader of my blog.  This is wonderful place and once you come to this place you will wonder how you missed it in the past and you should have come much early.

Climate of Kerala is very congenial. Even in the hottest summer, it is never more than 36 degree Celsius. But the humidity may be more.There are two monsoons, viz., June to September and November to January. March, April and May are the summer months. But there may be occasional showers to cool the heat. But from June it may be torrential rains all over the state.