Now a days newspapers are full of murder stories. Murder stories under investigation, political murders, murders for personal  gain, etc. Newspaper reporters as a part of investigative journalism, conduct their own investigation and gruesome details are narrated in vivid details. Police officers who conduct investigations may be parting with some of the details to add pep to their versions. One can understand if the details of the difficulties experienced by the police officers during the course of investigation are told to the newspaper reporters. But details of the injuries inflicted on the body of the deceased, How the cuts were made, how deep were the wounds and the methodology adopted etc gives a very gruesome picture. Is it all necessary that a murder be reported in such a great detail. An ordinary reader is not interested to know how the murder was committed and how deep were the wounds, what all internal organs splashed out etc. 

     In the morning hours when one opens the newspapers, one would like to read stories which are positive in nature than details of such gruesome murders. It spoils one’s mood for the whole day. But the present day reporters seems to think otherwise.