It is the dream of every citizen that we should have a corruption free society in our country.  But the corruption is so deep rooted that every transaction is involved in covert or overt corruption. Every transaction with any govt. department is soaked in corruption. Politicians, bureaucracy and even judiciary is accused of this evil habit.  Million crores or even billion crores of rupees are stacked by influential Indians in foreign banks in Germany, Switzerland and in many off shore islands. This money is generated either due to tax avoidance, or any illegal activity. The govt. know about this but they dont take any action. Now it is said that the maximum amount deposited in these foreign banks are from Indians.  Anna Hazare, a social worker from Pune, India wanted to start a campaign to introduce a system which will curb the corruption and creation of black money. Many eminent social workers joined his team.  But the govt. was ignoring his campaign. He started a fast(satyagraha) in Delhi and thousands of people thronged the place and pledged their support to his campaign. Govt woke up and called him for negotiations. It was decided that a team is to be constituted with ten members of which five will be the nominees of Anna Hazare and five from the side of the govt. Their aim was to draft a legislation for the establishment of a body called JanLok Pal who will exercise authority to identify areas of corruption, find the culprits and punish them. They wanted to exercise their authority on the PM and the Judiciary. This was objected to by the govt. representatives. When this controversy was going on another social worker and yoga teacher/ayurved physician called Baba Ramdev launched his own campaign against corruption and black money deposited in the foreign banks. When baba Ramdev arrived at New Delhi in a chartered flight, he was received by the DyPM, and three senior ministers of the Govt. promising him that all his issues will be discussed and settled by them. Baba was also to start his satyagraha soon. He was called to a hotel and they started negotiation with him. Ministers during the course of negotiations promised Baba that 90% of his issues are agreeable but he should stop his proclaimed satyagraha. Baba agreed and later he came to know that the govt. played a trick on him and ministers were not very serious in their promises. Baba too went back on his promise of stopping the satyagraha. A contingent of more than 60000 people gathered in the Ramlila grounds in Delhi and joined him in his satyagraha. Soon after midnight a contingent of more than 1000 policemen stormed into the pandal and lathicharged the sleeping satyagraphis and threw teargas shells on them They wanted to take Baba into custody. Baba fled. But he was caught and flown to Haridwar and left in his abode. In the lathi charge many women and children were injured. They ran helter skelter and dispersed before day break. The issue took a national dimension and it is being discussed in all the gathering. Baba has many followers all over the country and abroad. Anna Hazare lent his support and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar another spiritual leader also supported Baba. Govt wanted to play tough. They spread many rumors about Baba and his followers. Some of the statements of the ministers were clearly indicative of their opposition to any talk about stoppage of corruption. A public debate is going on in all the media about the attitude of the govt. its ministers etc towards corruption.