The industrious nature of the people of Kerala makes them to get engaged in any activity connected to their environment and make a living. One such very important industry is the coir industry. Coir fiber is an important ingredient of the coconut husk. Once the nut is removed the remaining husk is a waste product. They soak the husk in saline water and keep it like that for some days by then the fiber gets loosened and can be easily extracted. The pith is a waste product and can be used by proper treatment for manuring etc. The fiber then is subjected various processes. This is a natural product and can be put to hundreds of uses. they can be twisted and made into ropes. In Kerala these coir ropes are very much in demand. It has hundreds of uses in the household and in the agriculture. These ropes can be taken in many strands and woven into big ropes for industrial ropes, shipping ropes etc. The coir fiber can be dyed and made into door mats, mattresses. These mats and mattresses in different colours are an attraction to the drawing room and are greatly in demand. Though alternative materials are there in the market, such as cotton mats, jute mats, etc. coir mats are generaly accepted for their durability, cost, and design.