Ayurvedic treatment centers are growing up very fast in every town. Of course local people may go for treatment or for rejuvenation from trustworthy centers.It may not be easy to identify such important trustworthy centers easily. You may have somebody closely known to the people who can vouchsafe for their bonafides. The treatment consists of massage of the whole body after profusely applying medicated oil. The oil is specially made and once used it will not be reused. The messieurs are two in numbers. There may be gent messieurs for men and lady messieurs for lady patients. Depending upon the seriousness of the ailment the number of days the oil massage is required may vary. During the treatment period, there is strict restriction of food and movement. They have different types of treatment for different ailments, say Oil is poured over the forehead in a steady stream, different oil is used for massaging the muscles over the back and extremities. Some food items may be prohibited form being in cluded in the diet.