My neighbour and close friend, Dr.T.Bhaskaran suddenly passed away on 12th Aug.  I met him two days before his death when he was walking along the concrete path in front of his house.  He was holding a walking stick which was very heavy and I asked to have a light stick or an umbrella for support while walking.  He smiled and commented on my eating the pan. I never expected that he will die so soon. He was taken to the Lisie hospital in an unconscious condition and breathing heavily and noisily.  Niranj and Vasanthan carried him to the car while Girijan drove the car.  I went along with Antony in his scooter.  The doctor who was treating Dr.Bhaskaran told Niranj to have scanning done and bring him over to Lakeshore hospital. They took him to the scanning center.  Niranj on returning told me that it was hemorrhage.  They rushed him to Lakeshore hospital.  It seems doctor told them that it was multiple hemorrhage and there is no scope for survival. Even if he survives his memory is severely impaired etc. The moved him to a ventilator.  But removed him from the ventilator at about 12.30 pm and he was dead by then. They brought his dead body home at about 1.30 pm. I could not stand the sight of him.

I came away from their house and did not go there at all. The fixed the cremation on the following day. Vasanthan and Suni sent them tea and supper for the evening.  Next day there was elaborate rituals of obsequies. By about 2 pm. the body was taken to the cremation ground.  I was sitting in the road along with Panicker.

I was recapitulating our interaction on various topics. Most unassuming about his scholarship, Dr.Bhaskaran never kept idle. He used to be writing some article or book.  Whatever he does he did it with all sincerely and is certainly a role model for anybody who wants one.  We have been walking in the morning since last 16 years almost everyday.  He had a subtle sense of humour.

He told me once that he is going to acknowledge my help to him in completing a book on “Humanism” for and on behalf Sivagiri Asramam. Now the book has been published and Niranj showed me that he has mentioned my name in the forward of the book acknowledging my help in completing the book. I was overwhelmed.  He was magnanimous that he made my name also perpetuated.  His demise is a great loss to me.