Last week during the course of a discussion after his speech on media, I told the speaker who is a known journalist that the media need to exercise caution while reporting hot news. They have to exercise caution that their news is read by all and sundry and it may have be bad repercussions than what is needed.  For instance, during the last 26/11 operations in Hotel Taj in Mumbai when the terrorists holed up in the hotel were killing people in each room, govt. sent commandos by helicopter.  These commandos were being unloaded on the roof top of neighboring building which all the local TV channels telecast with zeal. These visuals were seen by the operators and their guides and before the commandos could begin their operations, the terrorists got the message and they changed their tactics as a result of which at least ten more people would have been killed. Had the visual media exercised caution and did not display the scenes of commandos dropped from the helicopters, the damage could have been less. The journalist agreed.  Journalists should not be guided by just market forces while reporting  news which carry a lot of social relevance. Whether it is print media, visual media, audio media or web media they have to display great amount of social responsibility while reporting and not be guided by marketing considerations alone.