Since last one month the raging controversy is about the width of the National High Way.  When the Govt. of India wanted 60 mts. for the national High way, they were prepared to reduce the width to 45 mts. for Kerala in view of the shortage of land.  But the local committees of the political parties decided that the NH can be only 30 mt. wide and not more than that.  A section of the people want the NH to be 30 mt. wide whereas some others want it to be 45 mt. wide.  It is clear that the political parties are playing vote bank politics.

Now that Vallarpadam project is on the verge of implementation, it is estimated that initially they will clear 50000 containers every month and thereafter it may be nearly one lakh containers every month.  At the present estimate nearly 1000 containers are to move out every day by road and rail.  These 40 ft container lorries will block the road and it may be difficult for other vehicles to pass through if the container convoy is moving.  The passage will be northward through NH 17 and NH 47 and southward through NH 47 and NH 49. If the roads are not wide enough to allow the container lorries and other vehicles to pass through the public will be put to immense inconvenience and hardship.  They should take these aspects also into consideration when planning the layout of the roads. When the Vizhinjam port also comes into operation, containers from this port also will pass through these roads only.

There should be a public discussion and the problem has to be viewed dispassionately and correct decision has to be taken keeping in view the future requirements of the society.