Poor Lalit Mody having done so much for IPL is now the most hated person.  He was over smart. Distributed the IPL teams among his close relatives and friends. When he flared up against Tharoor, the cat was out of the bag. Income Tax and the Enforcement Directorate started looking around.  Two central ministers are also involved thru’ their daughters/daughter in law.  What all crimes are being imputed?  Money laundering, drug money, breaking of set rules, creation of new rules without consulting any one.  All to suit to ones own fancy.  Now there is a hurry for people to declare that they had nothing to do with IPL.  How the govt. kept quiet for all these years. When such big games are being played, they should have taken precaution sufficiently early so that all these dirty linen need not to have been washed in public.   Will some come out of the muck?  Or will the whole issue get totally hushedup.  Remains to be seen