How soon the situation changes. IPL was the rage of the day. People who knew no rules of cricket were seen watching the game and following it up enthusiastically. They knew the names of the players by heart, some even the name of the sponsors.  But all knew the name of Lalit Modi.  The kingpin of IPL.Tharoor was very keen on cricket and there were many of his tweets on cricket and its players.  How he got involved into the making of a Kerala team and at his instance a Kashmire lady investing into the Kerala team. Why should Tharoor argue for getting more sweat shares for her.  Modi did not like and he made some statements in his tweet that Tharoor is going to marry the new invesor.  The whole forest was on fire. Statements and counter statements, reversal of tweets and allegations.  But the media took full advantage. Tharoor appearing in the parliament, and than he was asked to resign and than at the behest of the PM he resigns. Now Modi refuses to go.

What will happen remains to be seen.