Unni was suggesting that railways should allow cultivation of herbs in their excess land.  As the biggest land lord, railways has plenty of unused land all over the country.  Even if they allow grass to be cultivated along side the rly. lines, it may give livelihood to thousands of peasants. Growing grass is a very profitable proposition.  But railways are totally unconcerned.

Growing medicinal herbs is also a govt aided project and they promise lot of financial assistance to those who are engaged in the farming of herbs.  Many ayurvedic companies may buy these herbs.  But the financial viability of this project has to be studied before recommending it to somebody. These herbs are already being cultivated and any additional quantity entering the market may bring down the prices and may affect the profitability.  There has to be a definite demand or enquiry from somewhere, based on which the cultivation may be undertaken. Nagarjuna was evincing interest in herbs. They offered to cultivate in the temple lands and give profit to the temples.  I  dont know whether anybody was engaged in this scheme. However Unni’s proposal is worth serious consideration.