Writing about civic issues is a task which nobody else undertakes. It is a thankless job and people may think the writer is against the establishment. It is not the case. The civic authorities with no clear reason have made a mess of a whole project involving more than Rs.50 crores of rupees and now to salvage the project they are willing to spend another 20 and odd crores of rupees.  But how the initial expenditure went waste and how to fix responsibility for is misuse is a matter to be evolved after a public debate. The much talked about project of waste disposal plant at Bhrahmapuram has become a white elephant for everybody.  When it was established in 2002 in much fanfare etc. lot of expectations were pinned on this project. Design for the project was selected and land was acquired and the factory was erected and inaugurated. Now it turned out to be a big white elephant and none of the present officers of the Corporation are aware about its functioning.  The waste collected from several corners of the corporation are dumped and are simply put to fire by the people around there. The forget that the smoke is capable of causing cancer to those who inhale the smoke.  Anyhow whatever was expected of a project like this is not being fulfilled and it has become a liability on the corporation.

In the meantime there was a newspaper report about the encroachment of land by the Dy.Mayor fro his immediate neighbour.  If the Mayor and the Dy.Mayor act like goons whom else the public will approach.

Whatever money was allotted by the central/state govt for the development of the city of Kochi has not been spent and now the time is too short, the coporation authorities have just viled away their time without doing anything for the city. The attention of the govt. is drawn for speedy removal of anomaly and set the developmental projects into action.