Lot of people have told, spoke and written much about the conditions of Kochi. The conditons, I mean, the condition of the sewage, roads, mosquitoes problem. Disposal of waste is another important problem which finds no solution. They bought land at Bhamhapuram and started construction of the waste disposal plant at the cost of 70 crores of rupees.  Media reports indicated at that time that the plant was not properly built and that the foundations were not laid properly.  This could have been checked by the engineers of the contractor, or the contractors of the corporation. Now after one year again the media reports indicated that all is not well at Bhahmapuram. Waster got accumulated that they are not in a position to put them in the incinerator. setting fire to the plastic bags or articles would generate smoke which will be causing cancer to those who breath the smoke.

All our former MPs from LDF, should expain why they were not in a position to get the Edapally railway gate to be operational. Same in the case of the gate at Pullepady. These two railway gates play important roles inthe lives of thekochinite. But why due importance is not being given and thework is delayed beyond all reasonable tie.