Sister Jesme, after successful publication of her autobiography in malayalam, “amen” has become a celebrity as an author and was invited to visit world book fair at Frankfurt.  DC books her publisher took care of her and she had very interesting discussion sessions in the Fair.  Many acclaimed her to be a brave lady.  On return she attended the Asian Book Fair at Jaipur.  At Jaipur also she met several discussion groups and topics from her books were discussed. In the meantime Penguin published her english version of the autobiography.  Attempts are afoot to translate them in other indian Languages. Tamil version was serialised in the famous magazine “Kumudam”

Sister Jesmi came to Kochi and met a group of well wishers in the auditorium of Sri Ramakrishna Sevasramam at 6.30 pm on 25th Jan. She was recounting her experiences with various people.  I attended her meeting last year which was attended by a huge crowd.  This year she answered questions from the audience.  She said her book has raised many eyebrows and has become the subject matter of discussion in the church circles.  But she was not sure whether other nuns will take lesson from the book or its contents.  She said she was urged to write the second part of the book, going deeper into the happenings in the church, which she said she is not willing at present.  Her language was clear and her expressions were firm and specific.