Even after the monsoon the many of the roads of Kochi are in utter state of disrepair.  Funds of Rs.1000 crores provided by the central govt. remain unutilized. Kerala high court suo moto took up the matter and reprimanded the Corporation authorities and ordered the roads to be repaired by a definite date.  But nothing much has happened.  Another drizzle may bring out the real condition of the roads.  Since science and technology have advanced,  many countries have found out new methods of road surfacing.  Even in countries where rainfall is many times more than us in Kerala, road are better laid and are not that bad as that of ours.  Then what is the problem. The estimates for the road repairs are said to have been very old and the roads cannot be repaired at the rates quoted by the govt. say the contractors. It may be true. The rates have got to be realistic. They should be in conformity to the present market conditions.  Govt should update the rates periodically and issue tenders are per the new rates.  If the roads are damaged, the contractors are to be responsible and they should guarantee their work for at least five years.  What is evident is the lack of will power on the part of the govt. officers and employees to see that the roads are properly laid and are strong enough to bear the burden of the increased traffic. Politicians are busy in their own way and rarely find time for any development activity.  They seem to be more interested in cutting the ribbon and inaugurate the work or lay the foundation stone where their names will be engraved and make them immortals.