The biggest scourge of the Kerala roads is the rallies,  political, social, religious etc.  The most recent rally was that of SNDP with more one hundred thousand people participating.  Vellappilly Natesan their leader wanted to impress upon his rivals that he still holds control over the masses and called for the rally followed by a meeting. They virtually held the city at a ransom. Public transport was blocked from the roads, private vehicles were asked to take a alternative route.  It rumoured that some people who protested were even manhandled. Vehicles which brought the ralleists to the city were all parked in all the places and there was total confusion. Clad in yellow saris and holding yellow party flags, ladies and gets could be seen roaming around searching for drinking water. In the afternoon sun people who came to participate in the rally could be seen moving searching for eating places.  In short the town was totally immobilised for a few hours.  High court has taken this up very strongly and ordered that such rallies should never be held where the public are inconvenienced.