The way NIA is taking up cases in the state, home minister had gone to make a comment that in a federal set up,  it should not affect the relationship between the central govt and the state govt. This definitely is a statement not warranted. The cases in Kerala are so serious that they are likely to have international ramifications and only a national investigating organization like NIA can do investigation to cover all aspects of the case. People who belong to this state have gone and done terrorist activity in Karnataka, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh and other places and the scope of the Kerala police to extent their investigation to these state is very remote. Only a national organisation with an all India spread like NIA can do full fledged investigation and find the involvement of people in other state in similar or the same crime.  Home Minister, should have been happy and welcomed the initiative of the NIA for their entry into the issue and offer all sorts of assistance to them. But instead of doing it, his words bordering criticism is not warranted and appears to be out of place. Criminals arrested so far are found to have played important roles in the bomb blasts in Bangalore, Mumbai and in Indore. They recruited youngsters for terrorist activity from various places and conducted camps to train their up in bomb making etc. NiA has the wherewithal and men to conduct investigation and are positioned to finish it fast and bring out their findings.  Kerala police had many deficiencies that they were not in a position to conduct investigation in the way it is wanted.  There were political considerations and it affected the true investigation.  The general public now knew that evidence available were meddled by some vested interests and the charges when brought before the court may not be proved for lack of evidence. This certainly is not in the cause of justice. I do not want to cast any aspersions on the Kerala police.  There are no trained men for investigating terrorism and the investigations conducted so far are not adequate to frame charges against the men. Home minister may please understand this and refrain from making high sounding statements like the one he made. He should allow NIA to take over and complete the work. He should volunteer to place the men and materials at the disposal of the NiA. Let the people who are the real culprits, with all their political affiliations, if found to have indulged in terrorist activities, be booked and face the court of law.  The statement of the Home minister will certainly no go to enhance his stature or the stature of the govt. he represents.