In the meantime Jayaseel and his wife turned up.  It seems they took a budget flight with Airasia and landed here on Wednesday. Jayaseel appeared to have added weight and his wife, Sudha a sweet girl. The moment she entered the house she saw Tanvi lying in the floor. She took the child and started to fondle. Jayaseel said they wanted to go to Munnar and Kumarakom and get back by the next wednesday. Their visit was very short just to make his wife see Kerala. They joined us for lunch and Suni ordered some fish curry and pulav from the caterer. Sudha said she wanted to eat Karimeen which Jayasheel promised to get her during this trip. Funny couple. They left immediately since they had to go to places, promising to visit us again. But they never came but just telephoned on the day they were leaving.