It was Sunday night. Kannan says that he went inside Amma’s room and saw that Amma was in need of water.  He took a glass of water and gave her three or four spoonfuls of water. She kept her face with her lips spouted. Kannan says he poured water inside her mouth. Time was 1.30 am. Kannan says they were watching movie in the TV and that was why there was so much delay.  The breathing, Kannan says, was not normal and she breathed heavily not the usual style of hers.  Kannan says that he got up at 4 am and went inside the bed. He found her dead. He called Renu immediately and Renu checked the pulse and the heart beat of amma and found that she is no more.  She must have died between 2 am and 4 am. Since Kannan was able to give her water to quench her thirst, she must have died peacefully. He telephoned me immdtly. and I called Jagadish in the hotel and we all proceeded to Chennamangalam. By that time Raghavan and Gopi were there and they put be down on the ground draped in a white cloth. Amma’s toothless mouth was slightly open. By positioning her head properly, her mouth closed and she looked very peaceful in her death. Kannamma and Rajendran arrived. Raghavan had informed Ravi and Ravi who was in Malta had promised to come immediately and asked us to wait for his arrival before we wrap up  the dead body.  We decided to bring a mobile mortuary to keep the deadbody in preserved condition. An ambulance brought the mobile mortuary and amma was lifted and placed inside. The contrivance was pulled to the middle of the hall so that the people who come to see her may be able to see well. Lots of people came and throughout the day there was a stream of visitors.  We decided to conduct the cremation on the following day at 3 pm so that Ravi will be in a position to come. Star on Sunday was thirvonam and the next day was avittam. I telephoned Pai to ascertain what star it was when she died. He confirmed that it was thiruvonam.  Had it been avittam some pujas may have to be conducted in the temple.

Whether thiruvonam or avittam, our mother is no more. We lost her once and for all. She was the main bondage between us her children. By her demise how we all will react remains to be seen.