Now the Sabarimala season is to start on 15th Nov. or so. There will be heavy rush of pilgrims to the rush to the temple. Roads are all in bad condition. The govt. work is pending for long time. Madhavan Unni’s son, Balu is threatening the father that he may go for some mass action. Of course the govt. understands only such mass action is undertaken.  otherwise it is a faceless monster.

Many vehicles carrying pilgrims may come to Kerala from various parts of the country. Roads are not fully navigable.

Prasadam containers are to be made ready.  Aravana tins are ready they say. But in the rush it is always forgotten. Tins may not be of good quality. Kummanam wants to give daily annadanam to the pilgrims everyday in a particular place. He may need a lot of donations for