Yesterday just after noon, a whole train, RajadhaniExpress, from Bhubaneshwar to New Delhi was held up in some remove jungle in W.Bengal. They cut branches of trees put them on the tracks and showed big red flags to make the driver to stop the train. They abducted the driver and his asst. to an unknown place.  They wanted their leader Mahato to be released so that they may release the driver. Busy consultations at N.Delhi and at Kolkata lasted for two hours. MAMATA, the Rly minister,  was there. She refused to talk to the abductors unless the driver is released and the passengers are let go. Bold lady. Finally when the police came, the abductors ran away and the drivers moved the train and proceeded to N.Delhi.   This episode gives lot room for introspection. Why there should have been such a revolt.  The state govt. does not listen or take advice from somebody.  The remote jungle areas of WBengal are inaccessible and the help rendered by the govt. to the poor people do not reach there. The political middlemen take away the bulk of the aid, leaving the beneficieries high and dry. For how long they will tolerate. They had regroup themselves and organize so that their own interests would be protected. Political blunders like TATA land deal, added more fuel to the fire. Now the maoists, or the naxals or any other name you may call are on the hold of the situation.  To attract the attention and to get recognition as a group they do some skirmishes here and there, but govt. continues to ignore them. Now maoist are there in Orissa, W/bengal, maharashtra etc. They all have common grievances. They are not bad people, they are just unemployed agricultural labour.  Govt should do something immediately to talk to them and redress their grievances so that they become ineffective. The country needs this step from all the involved states. You cannot afford just to ignore.